Doncaster Naturalist’s Society

As the Society ‘Recorder’ I would like to encouraging wildlife observations to be submitted to the Society website. Members could upload short videos to you-tube as well.

Some ideas for home-based projects:

Monitoring wildlife in uncut greenspaces near your home during daily exercise. Try to be reasonably methodical in observations. (i.e. attempt to visit at roughly the same time of day and in similar weather – if looking at insects) but otherwise a fairly unstructured approach should be OK – as long you record what you did and it is repeatable in future years.

Garden moth monitoring using moth trapping (for those with lamps!).
For those without lamps: you can also attract moths using a ‘wine rope’ technique

Garden wildlife observations: Will hedgehogs ‘bounce back’ if there is less urban road traffic?

You can use the Contact Form to submit your sightings or email them to the recorder, Louise.



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