Doncaster Naturalist Vol 2

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Volume 2 Number 1
October 2010


Front Cover Photograph of Peter Skidmore in the Entomological Room at Doncaster Museum  
Inside front Editorial Paul Simmons
p1 Dr Peter Skidmore – A Memorial Pip Seccombe
p3 An encounter with Peter Skidmore Colin Wall
p4 Cetacean Mystery solved? Louise Hill
p5 The Harbour Porpoise and other whales in the River Don and
adjacent tidal rivers
Colin A. Howes
p10 William Casson as a naturalist Martin Limbert
p17 Where have all the flowers gone? The disappearance of rare and scarce plants in the Doncaster district Colin A. Howes and Bob Marsh
p24 Rosebay Willowherb – Chamerion angustifolium
The successful adaptation of a plant to our changing world
Tom Higginbottom
p26 A Historical Review of the Royal Fern – Osmunda regalis L. in the Doncaster region. Colin A. Howes, Martin Limbert, Michael Oliver and Ian Mcdonald

Volume 2 Number 2
October 2011


Front Cover Photograph of Barn Owl (handled by a falconer) by Nora Boyle  
Inside front Editorial Paul Simmons
p33 Parliamentary land enclosures in the Doncaster Metropolitan
C.A. Howes
p41 Owl pellets at Thorpe Marsh Nature Reserve M. Townsend
P44 Mink takes pike M. Townsend
p45 Barn Owls at Adwick-le-Street water mill C.A. Howes & Ken Pearson
p50 Unusual Jackdaw behaviour Sheila Hill
p51 Why Collect Flies? Peter Skidmore
p55 Pip’s Pasture – an update Pip Seccombe
p65 The fascination of plant galls Tom Higginbottom
p68 American Floating Pennywort, in the River Don and South Yorkshire Navigation in the Doncaster region Louise Hill & Colin Howes
p70 Review of Japanese Knotweed in Doncaster C.A. Howes
p72 Were the seeds of the invasion of South Yorkshire by Himalayan Balsam sown in Balby? Sheila Hill
p73 Dorothy Bramley at 90  
p74 Obituaries – Elizabeth Farningham and Frank Devine  
p75 The Spread of the Bird’s Wing moth Sheila Hill & Colin Howes
Back cover Contents  

Volume 2 Number 3
February 2013


Front Cover A view from the Conisbrough Viaduct, showing Cadeby Quarry at the
left and the Levitt Hagg landfill site at top right.
Inside front Contents  
p77 Ice age mammals in the Don Gorge, Doncaster:
A tribute to Edward Bennett Jenkinson FGS (1838-1878)
Colin A. Howes and Andrea Marshall
p84 Notes on the ‘threshold faunas’ of caves and tunnels within the Magnesian Limestone of the Don Gorge, Doncaster Colin A. Howes
p89 Bat studies in the Don Gorge 1990-2012: The first twenty-three years Tony Lane, Colin A. Howes, Pip Secombe, Louise Hill and Derek Allen
p105 Cave spiders of the Don Gorge Colin A. Howes
p107 Notes on the Lepidoptera of subterranean sites in the Don Gorge, Doncaster Colin A.Howes, Tony Lane and Louise Hill
p109 Victorian botanical eco-tourists in the Don Gorge Colin A. Howes
p111 A walk from Hexthorpe to Conisbrough Derek Allen and Hugh Parkin
p113 The Wild Tulip Tulipa sylvestris in The Don Gorge Colin A. Howes
p116 The Flamingo Moss Tortula cernua on kiln-dried Magnesian Limestone fines in the quarries and kiln sites of the Don Gorge, Doncaster: a centenary review Colin A. Howes, Colin Wall, Tim Kohler and Louise Hill
p128 Common Cottongrass in the Don Gorge at Cadeby Quarry Ian McDonald and Colin A. Howes
p129 Dane’s blood on Cadeby Viaduct! Colin A. Howes
p130 Doncaster Naturalists Society Presidential Reports 2012 and 2013 Louise Hill

Volume 2 Number 4
February 2014


Front Cover Doncaster’s first Lizard Orchid. See p153 to follow its rescue from an untimely beheading. Photo: T.Prosser
p133 The Auckley Common Hedgerow Survey Colin A. Howes
p142 A study of the predatory behavior of the Sparrowhawk in urban Doncaster Pip Seccombe and Colin A. Howes
p148 A memorable year for plant galls Tom Higginbottom
p150 The Fungi Photographer – a short unscientific report on the species within this genus of the Family – Photographers Ken Wooley
p152 Award for Helen Kirk Editor
p153 The strange case of the headless lizard Louise Hill
p156 A study of Carp at Cusworth Lakes Colin A. Howes
p159 Doncaster Lakeside spiders have a ‘website’ in the spotlight Colin A. Howes
p161 Mouse tales Sheila Hill
p162 Breeding birds along the New Junction Canal Joyce Simmons
p166 A few things you may not know about songbirds Sheila Hill
p168 Tickhill Castle’s herbal armoury Colin A. Howes
p171 Butterfly mating puzzle Mick Townsend
p171 President’s Report, AGM 2014 Louise Hill
Back Cover Contents  

Volume 2 Number 5
February 2016


Front Cover Early Purple Orchid by Dorothy Bramley  
p173 Obituary: Dorothy Margaret Bramley Colin Howes
p177 High winds and tree damage in the Doncaster region during the winter storms of 2013-14 Colin Howes and Tim Prosser
p185 Sedges at Old Moor Nora Boyle
p189 Some observations on reptiles in Doncaster Louise Hill
p192 Brodsworth Hall Gardens Tom Higginbottom
p196 Owls pellets at Thorpe Marsh – further findings Mick Townsend
p200 Doncaster roads in the pink! – The spread of Danish Scurvy-grass across our region Colin Howes and Bob Marsh
p204 Doncaster’s significant Yews Colin Howes
p210 The year of the spider (for me anyway) Joyce Simmons
p212 International trade brings Black Widow Spiders to Doncaster Colin Howes
p214 Notes from Finningley Churchyard: of walls and plants Tricia Haigh
p216 Essex Skippers move through Doncaster Paul Simmons
p218 Chris Devlin (1939-2014): The Doncaster Days Colin Howes
p222 Doncaster Naturalists’ Society excursions 2015  
p223 President’s Report, AGM 2016 Louise Hill

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