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Issue Vol 1 , No 1

©: DoncasterNaturalists’ Society 1982

Inside front cover Contents  
p1 A Message from the President D. Bramley
p3 A Naturalist looks back C. E. Hyde
p7 The development of Science in Doncaster P. Skidmore and L. Smith
p11 A Ramble through an Austrian Forest David Skidmore
p12 A Naturalist’s view of the Don C. A. Howes
p15 Field Meetings 1982 R. Taylor, J. Thornton, D. Lane
p21 The Freshwater Snails of the Doncaster District Martin Moss & Bryan Eversham

Issue Vol 1 , No 2

©: DoncasterNaturalists’ Society 1983

Inside front cover Contents  
p1 Editorial D.M. Bramley, Editor
p2 What’s in a Wasp’s Nest? C.A. Howes and P.R. Cunningham
p5 The development of Science in Doncaster (Cont..) P. Skidmore and L. Smith
p7 Chronology of Scientific Developments in the Doncaster Area  
p10 Our Heritage (part 1) P. Skidmore
p12 Dragon Flies of Rushymoor and Shirley Pool S. Froster
p16 Plants on the Permanent Way I. MacDonald
p21 To Those Who Come After P. Skidmore
p23 Before and After G. Chapman
p24 Keep an Eye on Those Weeds D.M. Bramley
p26 Molluscan Report on a Visit to Sprotborough A. Norris
p29 Gerbils in Yorkshire C.A. Howes
p31 Visiting Nature Reserves  
p32 Doncaster Naturalists’ Society Events, 1983  

Issue Vol 1 , No 3

©: DoncasterNaturalists’ Society 1983

p33 Contents  
p33 Editorial D.M. Bramley, Editor
p34 The River Don Maurice Hanson
p38 Pip’s Pasture P. Seccombe
p41 Pupa Digging Albert Wright
p45 Porpoises in the Don Collin Howes
p50 My Love Affair with a Bird David Gagg
p53 Field Trip to Austerfield (17 July 83) I. MacDonald
p54 An “Addered” Attraction George Chapman
p57 Our Heritage (part 2) Peter Skidmore
p59 A Nature Reserve at Haxey Editor
p60 Field Reports  C.A. Howes
p63 Moth Trapping at Cushworth Hall and Park Harry Beaumont
p64 Interesting Field Records from the area. 1983  
p65 Doncaster Naturalists’ Society Events, 1983  

Issue Vol 1 , No 4

©: DoncasterNaturalists’ Society 1984

p65 Contents  
p65 Editorial. March, 84 D.M. Bramley, Editor
p66 A Railway Year   Ian MacDonald
p69 Mostly about Bumble Bees Albert Wright
p74 Peter Inchbald, 19th Century Doncaster Naturalist Stewart Rayner
p76 The Royal Fern Betty Rivett
p78 Bad Weather from Old Records Dorothy Bramley
p80 Occurrences of the Clouded Yellow in the Doncaster Area David Carroll
p86 A Natural Dilemma George Chapman
p89 Sandal Brickyards & the Case of the Grass Vetchling Colin A. Howes
p93 Garden Weed Survey April – October 1983 D.M. Bramley
p95 An Extract from the Past  
p96 Summer Programme 1984  

Issue Vol 1 , No 5

©: DoncasterNaturalists’ Society 1984

p97 Contents  
p97 Editorial. October, 84 D.M. Bramley, Editor
p98 The ‘Daddy-Long-Legs’ Spider at Tickhill Castle  C.A. Howes
p101 The Identification of the Russula Fungi Rob Taylor
p106 Saint Mary’s Beetles : The Lady Birds P. Skidmore
p115 Jonathan Salt’s Doncaster Plant Records C.A. Howes
p124 Ferns Mrs. Penman
p126 Field Trips 1984  
p128 Sandal Beat Wood David Skidmore
Inside back cover Doncaster Naturalists’ Society Events  Autumn 1984  

Issue Vol 1 , No 6

©: DoncasterNaturalists’ Society 1985

p129 Contents  
p129 Editorial.  D.M. Bramley, Editor
p130 Reflections on ’84  George Chapman
p133 Abbreviations for Amateurs Donald Bramley
p137 The History of the Doncaster Naturalists’ Society Excursions Derek Allen
p139 Flowers of the Highlands Ian McDonald
p142 Short Lane, Bessacarr Dorothy M. Bramley
p149 Dragonflies Michael Snow
p150 George Nicholson’s Plant Records fron the Don & Dearne Valleys Colin A. Howes
p156 Geology in the Doncaster Scientific Society Martin Moss
Inside back cover Winter Programme 1985/6  

Issue Vol 1 , No 7

©: DoncasterNaturalists’ Society 1986

p165 Contents  
p165 Editorial.  D.M. Bramley, Editor
p166 River Don Gets Seal of Approval  C.A. Howes
p170 The Decline in the Badger Population in the Doncaster Area Paul Johnson
p172 Trees Please Peter Skidmore
p176 A Review of the Land Slugs of the Doncaster District Brian C. Eversham
p185 Butterfly Survey of the Doncaster District Ted Rimington
p189 Doncaster District Plant Records from T.W. Gissing’s “Flora of Wakefield” C. A. Howes
p192 Assembling of Moths Albert Wright
Inside back cover Summer Programme 1986  

Issue Vol 1 , No 8

©: DoncasterNaturalists’ Society 1987

p197 Contents  
p197 Editorial.  D.M. Bramley, Editor
p198 On the Trail of Doncaster Otters  Colin Howes
p202 Owls Seen in and Around Doncaster, Observations in 1985 Shirley Thorpe
p210 What’s in a Name : Balby Littlemoor Mick Brown
p219 Hares in the Landscape D. Parker
p225 The Camberwell Beauty in Doncaster Keith Rich and Colin Howes
p228 Summer Programme 1987  

Issue Vol 1 , No 9

©: DoncasterNaturalists’ Society 1988

p229 Contents  
p229 Editorial.  D.M. Bramley, Editor
p230 George Hydes F.R.E.S.  W.E. Rimington & Martin Limbert
p236 Walnuts Ian McDonald
p249 From Common to Garden Trace Bingham
p256 Summer Programme 1988  

Issue Vol 1 , No 10

©: DoncasterNaturalists’ Society 1989

p257 Contents  
p257 Editorial.  D.M. Bramley, Editor
p258 Presidents, Doncaster Naturalists 1880 – 1990  
p261 Sea Eagle in Doncaster?? Colin Howes
p264 Armthorpe Hedgerows Ian McDonald
p275 Odonata Michael Snow
p277 Old Woodland in Cantley Derek Allen
p281 George Nicholson’s Plant Records Colin Howes
p282 Cevennes National Park Margaret Bellamy
p284 Bats in Jossey Lane D. Parker
p286 Field Trips  
Inside back cover Winter Programme  1989/90