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Volume 3 Number 1
March 2018


p1 Cecidology – the study of plant galls   Nora Boyle
p4 The moths of Lindholme Hall Estate: the Doncaster Naturalists’ Society experience 2013 – 2017 Dave Williamson
p9 God’s Acre – a need for conservation management Tricia Haigh
p11 The Tale of a Mystery Mollusc Pip Seccombe
P13 Thorpe Marsh Willow Tits 2017 Mick Townsend
p14 Spiders on the march! Joyce Simmons
p15 Roman Ridge – a portrait of a Green Lane Louise Hill
p27 New Galls Tom Higginbottom
p31 How common is the arable liverwort Common Crystalwort? Steven Heathcote
p35 A review of Odonata at Thorpe Marsh, 1983 to 2017 Mick Townsend
p39 Royal fish sold for Miner’s Children’s Distress Fund Colin A. Howes
p40 Tunny in Doncaster Colin A. Howes
p44 Confessions of two Brown Bears Colin A. Howes
p47 ‘Weeds’ Tricia Haigh
p49 Peter Bullock 1938-2017  
p51 President’s Report Jan 2017 – Jan 2018 Louise Hill
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Volume 3 Number 2
March 2020.


p53 The Botany of Thorne Moors – an update Ian McDonald
p56 Avian Botulism : A penalty of the long hot summer of 2018 Colin A. Howes
p57 Have we seen the last of Willow Tits at Thorpe Marsh Nature Reserve? Mick Townsend
p59 Flamingo Moss in the Don Valley – a 2019 update Steven Heathcote
p60 Butterflies of the Went Valley – changes since 1991 Paul Simmons
p63 The asexual generation of the gall wasp Andricus quercuscalicis Nora Boyle
p67 Doncaster’s mayoral bog-oak chair : A seat flushed with civic pride Colin A. Howes
p73 Breeding Birds along the New Junction Canal – 12 years of records Joyce Simmons
p74 From Finningley Churchyard  Tricia Haigh
p77 Fungi at Finningley Churchyard Kevin Gilfedder
p79 The Mystery of the Moorends Moose Colin A. Howes
p83 Pendulouse Sedge Carex pendula : A study at Old Moor RSPB Nature Reserve Nora Boyle
p85 Lakeside : News from the depths Colin A. Howes
p88 Using Doncaster Museum’s timber beetle collection to monitor the decline of rain forest insects Colin A. Howes
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. Front cover : Painted Lady .
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. ISSN 0264-0651 .