Order Lepidoptera – butterflies & moths

   Butterfly Families
      Superfamily Hesperioidea
         Family HesperiidaeSkippers
      Superfamily Papilionoidea
         Family LycaenidaeHairstreaks, Coppers, Blues, Duke of Burgundy
         Family NymphalidaeEmperors, Admirals, Fritillaries, Browns
         Family Papilionidae – Swallowtails
         Family PieridaeWood Whites, Clouded Yellows, Brimstone, Whites
         Family Riodinidae – Duke of Burgundy

    Moth Familes
      Superfamily Bombycoidea
         Family Endromidae – Kentish Glory
         Family Saturniidae – Emperor Moths
         Family Sphingidae – Hawkmoths
      Superfamily Cossoidea
         Family Cossidae – Leopard & Goat Moths
      Superfamily Drepanoidea
          Family Drepanidae – Hook-tips
         Family Thyatiridae – 
      Superfamily Geometroidea
         Family Geometroidae (Alsophila) – March Moth
         Famiily Geometroidae ( Archiearis) – Orange Underwings
         Family Geometridae (Ennominae) – Thorns, beauties, umbers & allies
         Family Geometroidae (Geometrinae) – Emeralds
         Family Geometridae (Larentiinae) – Carpets, pugs & allies
         Family Geometridae (Sterrhinae)  – Mochas, and Waves
      Superfamily Hepialoidea
         Family Hepialidae – Swift Moths
      Superfamily Lasiocampoidea
         Family Lasiocampidae – Eggar Moths
      Superfamily Noctuoidea
         Family Arctiidae (Arctiinae)– Tiger moths & ermines
         Family Arctiidae (Lithosiinae) – Footman moths and allies
         Family Lymantriidae – Tussock Moths
         Family Noctuidae (Acontiinae)
         Family Noctuidae (Acronictinae) – Daggers
         Family Noctuidae (Amphipyrinae) – Arches, brindles, minors, rustics & allies
         Family Noctuidae (Bryophilinae) –
         Family Noctuidae (Catocalinae)
         Family Noctuidae (Chloephorinae) –
         Family Noctuidae (Cuculliinae) – Sharks, shoulder-knots, chestnuts, sallows & allies
         Family Noctuidae (Eariadinae)
         Family Noctuidae (Eustrotiinae) –
         Family Noctuidae (Hadeninae) – Brocades, quakers & leaf-eating wainscots
         Family Noctuidae (Heliothinae)
         Family Noctuidae (Herminiinae) – Fan-foots
         Family Noctuidae (Hypeninae) – Snouts
         Family Noctuidae (Noctuinae) – Darts, yellow underwings & clays
         Family Noctuidae (Ophiderinae)
         Family Noctuidae (Pantheinae) –
         Family Noctuidae (Plusiinae) – Silver and Gold Ys, gems, brasses & allies
         Family Noctuidae (Rivulinae)
         Family Noctuidae (Stiriinae) –
         Family Noctuidae (Strepsimaninae) –
         Family Nolidae –
         Family Notodontidae (Notodontinae) – Prominent & Kitten Moths
         Family Notodontidae (Phalerinae)
         Family Thaumetopoeidae – Processionary Moths
      Superfamily Pyraloidea
         Family Crambidae – Grass Moths
      Superfamily Sesioidea
         Family Sesiidae – Clearwing Moths
      Superfamily Zygaenoidea
         Family Limacodidae –
         Family Zygaenidae – Forester & Burnet Moths

   Micro-moth Families
      Superfamily Alucitoidea
         Family Alucitidae
      Superfamily Choreutoidea
         Family Choreutide
      Superfamily Cossoidea
          Family Cossidae
      Superfamily Gelechioidea
         Family Elachistidae
         Family Gelechiidae
         Family Momphidae
         Family Oecophoridae
         Family Stathmopodidae
      Superfamily – Gracillarioidea
         Family Gracillariidae
      Superfamily Incurvarioidea
         Family Incurvariidae
      Superfamily Pterophoroidea
         Family Pterophoridae – Plume Moths
      Superfamily Pyraloidea
         Family Cambidae
         Family Pyraliidae
      Superfamily Tineoidea
         Family Tineidae
      Superfamily Tischerioidea
         Family Tischeriidae
      Superfamily Tortricoidea
         Family Tortricidae
      Superfamily Yponomeutoidea
         Family Lyonetiidae
         Family Plutellidae
         Family Yponomeutidae
         Family Ypsolophidae