Order Lepidoptera – butterflies & moths

   Butterfly Families
      Superfamily Hesperioidea
         Family HesperiidaeSkippers
      Superfamily Papilionoidea
         Family LycaenidaeHairstreaks, Coppers, Blues, Duke of Burgundy
         Family NymphalidaeEmperors, Admirals, Fritillaries, Browns
         Family Papilionidae – Swallowtails
         Family PieridaeWood Whites, Clouded Yellows, Brimstone, Whites
         Family Riodinidae – Duke of Burgundy

    Moth Familes
      Superfamily Bombycoidea
         Family Endromidae – Kentish Glory
         Family Saturniidae – Emperor Moths
         Family Sphingidae – Hawkmoths
      Superfamily Cossoidea
         Family Cossidae – Leopard & Goat Moths
      Superfamily Drepanoidea
          Family Drepanidae – Hook-tips
         Family Thyatiridae – 
      Superfamily Geometroidea
         Family Geometroidae (Alsophila) – March Moth
         Famiily Geometroidae ( Archiearis) – Orange Underwings
         Family Geometridae (Ennominae) – Thorns, beauties, umbers & allies
         Family Geometroidae (Geometrinae) – Emeralds
         Family Geometridae (Larentiinae) – Carpets, pugs & allies
         Family Geometridae (Sterrhinae)  – Mochas, and Waves
      Superfamily Hepialoidea
         Family Hepialidae – Swift Moths
      Superfamily Lasiocampoidea
         Family Lasiocampidae – Eggar Moths
      Superfamily Noctuoidea
         Family Arctiidae (Arctiinae)– Tiger moths & ermines
         Family Arctiidae (Lithosiinae) – Footman moths and allies
         Family Lymantriidae – Tussock Moths
         Family Noctuidae (Acontiinae)
         Family Noctuidae (Acronictinae) – Daggers
         Family Noctuidae (Amphipyrinae) – Arches, brindles, minors, rustics & allies
         Family Noctuidae (Bryophilinae) –
         Family Noctuidae (Catocalinae)
         Family Noctuidae (Chloephorinae)
         Family Noctuidae (Cuculliinae) – Sharks, shoulder-knots, chestnuts, sallows & allies
         Family Noctuidae (Eariadinae)
         Family Noctuidae (Eustrotiinae)
         Family Noctuidae (Hadeninae) – Brocades, quakers & leaf-eating wainscots
         Family Noctuidae (Heliothinae)
         Family Noctuidae (Herminiinae) – Fan-foots
         Family Noctuidae (Hypeninae) – Snouts
         Family Noctuidae (Lymantriidae) – Tussockmoths
         Family Noctuidae (Noctuinae) – Darts, yellow underwings & clays
         Family Noctuidae (Ophiderinae)
         Family Noctuidae (Pantheinae) –
         Family Noctuidae (Plusiinae) – Silver and Gold Ys, gems, brasses & allies
         Family Noctuidae (Rivulinae)
         Family Noctuidae (Stiriinae)
         Family Noctuidae (Strepsimaninae)
         Family Nolidae – Black Arches
         Family Notodontidae (Notodontinae) – Prominent & Kitten Moths
         Family Notodontidae (Phalerinae)
         Family Notodontidae  (Pygaerinae) – Chocolate-tips
         Family Thaumetopoeidae – Processionary Moths
      Superfamily Sesioidea
         Family Sesiidae – Clearwing Moths
      Superfamily Zygaenoidea
         Family Limacodidae –
         Family Zygaenidae – Forester & Burnet Moths

   Micro-moth Families
      Superfamily Alucitoidea
         Family Alucitidae
      Superfamily Choreutoidea
         Family Choreutide
      Superfamily Cossoidea
          Family Cossidae
      Superfamily Gelechioidea
         Family Elachistidae
         Family Gelechiidae
         Family Momphidae
         Family Oecophoridae
         Family Stathmopodidae
      Superfamily Gracillarioidea
         Family Gracillariidae
      Superfamily Incurvarioidea
         Family Adelidae   
         Family Incurvariidae 
      Superfamily Pterophoroidea
         Family Pterophoridae – Plume Moths
      Superfamily Pyraloidea
         Family Crambidae
         Family Pyraliidae
      Superfamily Tineoidea
         Family Tineidae
      Superfamily Tischerioidea
         Family Tischeriidae
      Superfamily Tortricoidea
         Family Tortricidae
      Superfamily Yponomeutoidea
         Family Glyphipterigidae
         Family Lyonetiidae
         Family Plutellidae
         Family Yponomeutidae
         Family Ypsolophidae