Thank you for agreeing to be a leader on a Doncaster Naturalists’ outdoor meeting. The date and brief information about your meeting will be on the program unless it is an ad hoc meeting.

For the benefit of our members, please supply the following additional information to Margaret Prior at least 5 days before your meeting so that she can include it with the reminder she will send out to members.

  1. Any other relevant details about the location of the starting point including post code if applicable and any potential difficulties which you might envisage when finding the location or land marks to look for.
  2. A brief description of the habitat visiting and the purpose of the meeting
  3. Any safety measure which members need to be aware of
  4. An approximate length of time for the meeting including whether or not a lunch stop is included
  5. Mobile number so that members can communicate with you.

We would also like you write a report afterwards or ask someone in the group to write one for you.

At the beginning of the meeting we would ask you to circulate a form on which members are invited to write their name and a contact number for their next of kin.

We would also like you to brief the attendees on your intended route before you set off.