Following a discussion between Jim Horsfall, Assistant Reserves Officer for Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT) and Colin Howes of Doncaster Naturalists Society (DNS) with regards to what reserve site survey work the DNS could undertake for YWT, it was decided by DNS committee in autumn 2020 that they would undertake a long-term project of surveying the site at YWT Denaby Ings Nature Reserve and SSSI.

The aim would be on, conclusion of all the survey work, for DNS to produce a publication on the Environmental History and Biodiversity of Denaby Ings Nature Reserve and SSSI

Project co-ordinators would be Colin Howes and Louise Hill. It is anticipated that, as well as members of DNS carrying out survey work, other naturalists with expertise in various fields would be invited to contribute towards the project.

Initially, all records from site surveys would be collated by Colin Howes, prior to them being disseminated to the YWT and Doncaster Records Centre.