ID Support for Members

Members can submit their photos for other members to offer their opinions as to the identification of the subject submitted. Send your photo to together with details of when and where the photo was taken, and any other information that would help with the ID, and members can then send their suggestions also to the above email address.

From Louise Hill

I was sent this photo of a crab seen in the waters at Doncaster lakeside.
It was photographed by a relative of Nats members Jo and Geoff Carreck on or around the 19th May.
We are guessing that it is a Chinese Mitten Crab.
Has anyone had any experience with crabs at Lakeside?

From Les Coe 22 May 2020
Fly on Acer pseudoplatanus (Sycamore) Also, clusters of what may be eggs or gall on the same leaf that may be related or not. This combination occur on several low level leaves on the tree. Any suggestions as to fly ID and if these are in fact eggs of some species or a gall?

From Paul & Joyce Simmons 12th May 2020
Please, can anyone identify this small tree which is old, spreading and about 4 mt tall.

Comment from Louise Hill
Looks maple-ish to me – could it be a Montpellier maple?
Unless it is a freakish field maple?

Comment from Ian McDonald
Could the tree be Acer platanoides, Norway Maple? The flowers are erect.

From Anthony French 10 May 2020
I noticed this on a Dog’s Mercury yesterday in our garden in Conisbrough. Several plants have the same.  Can anyone tell me anything about it, please?

Hi Tony,
This is a fungal gall Melampsora populnea on Mercurialis perennis.
Very common at the moment.

Spider for ID from Ruth Brompton Charlesworth
Spider found on a rose bush in her garden, Town Fields, Doncaster on the 6th May.
Ruth would like to know if this is the green orb-weaver spider Araniella cucurbitina

Quoting from Collins Field Guide for Spiders
“Whilst the genus is readily identifiable in the field, identification of the species requires a microscope.”

Larvae for ID from Nora Boyle
I unrolled the biggest leaf to find 3 very small orange caterpillars. The leaves are Lime leaves and they were near the base of the tree with root suckers. The tree is on the path outside the entrance to Grove Park.

Further research by Nora suggests Dasineura tiliae to be the gall causer.
From British Plant Galls by Margaret Redfern and Peter Shirley (p.332) ‘Roll on edge of mature leaf or bracterole; lavae yellowish red, May-June.’

From Caroline Barrass – 30 April 2020
I would be grateful if someone could identify this plant growing in a fallow area of an arable field Sandy soil Near Auckley

Comment from Louise Hill
Caroline’s photo looks like Barbarea vulgaris to me – Winter Cress Not unlikely in that setting.

From Nora Boyle
Here are two photos both taken in Grove Park. The first is an unknown plant with ladybirds, taken on 28th March and an unknown insect (which I think is a hoverfly) taken on 25th April. Suggestions welcomed. Nora

Comment from Louise Hill
Nora’s first photos look like alkanet.  Stace only give one species – but I’m sure there are some cultivated versions that are much more floriferous than others.
The other photo of the ladybirds seems to be a rosette of Common cat’s ear Hypochaeris radicata but it is perhaps a bit early to confirm.

Unknown Moth from Nora Boyle
Caught in my trap on Monday 27th April 2020.
Any Suggestions towards an ID please.

Comment from Paul & Joyce Simmons
Nora’s moth seems to be a Rustic Shoulder Knot.

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