Movie Makers Evening – Wednesday 21st February 2024

This is SHRIVATSA DESAI from DMM (Doncaster Movie Makers).

Yesterday was the first award night for the Marc Seccombe Trophy and I thoroughly enjoyed it and am glad to be part of this joint meeting, the latest of over 15 or so I have attended having been a member of DMM since 1990s and have met many of you.

I have fond memories of both Pip and Marc through our mutual interests – her being an ex-lab technician at DRI and yours sincerely as a medic since 1980s.

The Trophy, in the name of our past chairman for many years and later as Honorary President, was a fitting tribute from my mentor and participating in the competition itself was a honour.

I thoroughly enjoyed the presentations from Nats as they have always been on topics I too am interested in.

This is a personal tribute to Nats and the memory of last night will linger for a very long time.

Thank you, Nats.

New Year Walk – Saturday 6th January 2024 to Sandal Beat Wood

Twelve members met at the end of Sandal Beat Rd and started the walk by following the path which leads past the, now boarded up, Visitor’s Centre. We deliberately passed a huge pile of logs with the intention of taking a brief look at the numerous species of Fungi growing on the logs on our return journey. We walked over the railway line via the newly repaired bridge with its non slip steps, reinforced walkway and newly erected fences.
What happened on the other side only served to make me realise that, despite doing a recce beforehand, its so easy to take the wrong path. Fortunately Louise, who knows Sandall Beat Wood better than I, came to the rescue and assured that in any case we were heading in the right direction for Cantley Park. We were lucky enough to hear and in some cases see, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Nuthatch, Tree Creeper, Long tailed Tit and Great Tit. On the other side of a ditch we came across a very healthy looking fern which Louise said required further investigation for identification and on the other side of Fores Drain we saw several examples of Hart’s Tongue Fern Asplenium scolopendrium.

Taking the alternate path meant that we reached Cantley Park sooner than I had expected so Louise and Tim suggested we add a detour to Armthorpe Pit Top. Everyone agreed to we headed back in the direction of the bridge, passing several areas of flooded woodland floor, then took a right turn outside of the wood to cross the grassed- over pit top. Everyone except myself went to experience what it was like at the top.

We then descended from the pit top following a path which led us back to the railway bridge past a flooded area where the trees on the woodland edge were reflecting clearly in the water.

Once back on the other side of the railway line we retraced our steps to the log pile and took photos of a few of the fungi growing on and around the logs. Amongst many species, we recognised Stereum sp growing on several logs, Glistening Inkcap growing beside one of the logs and Jew’s Ear on one of the logs.