Order Hymenoptera – Ants, Wasps, Bees

Suborder Aculeata 
   Superfamily Apoidea
     Family Andrenidae
         Subfamily Andrena – Mining bees
         Subfamily Panurgus – Shaggy bees
     Family Apidae 
         Subfamily Nomada – Normad Bees
         Subfamily Epeolus – Variegated cuckoo bees
         Subfamily Eucera – Long-horned bees
         Subfamily Anthophgora – Flower bees
         Subfamily Melecta – Mourning bees
         Subfamily Ceratina – Small carpenter bees
         Subfamily Xylocopa – Large carpenter bees
         Subfamily Bombus – Bumblebees
         Subfamily Apis – Honey bees
      Family Colletidae 
         Subfamily Colletes – Plasterer bees
         Subfamily Hylaeus – Yellow-face bees
      Family Halictidae
         Subfamily Halictus – End-banded furrow Bees
         Subfamily Lasioglossum – Base-banded furrow bees
         Subfamily Sphocodes – Blood bees
         Subfamily Rophites – Bristle-headed bees
         Subfamily Dufourea – Short-faced bees
     Family Megachilidae
         Subfamily Anthidium – Woolcarders
         Subfamily Stelis – Dark bees
         Subfamily Heriades – Resin bees
         Subfamily Chelostoma – Scissor bees
         Subfamily Osmia – Mason Bees
         Subfamily Hoplitis – Lesser masons
         Subfamily Megachile – Leafcutter & mud bees
         Subfamily Coelioxys – Sharp-tail bees
      Family Melittidae
         Subfamily Melitta – Blunthorn bees
         Subfamily Macropis – Oil-collecting bees
         Subfamily Dasypoda – Pantaloon bees
   Superfamily Chrysidoidea
      Family Chrysididae – Cuckoo Wasps
   Superfamily Vespoidea
      Family Formicidae –  Ants   
      Family Mutillidae – Velvet Ants
      Family Vespidae – Potter & Mason Wasps

Suborder Parasitica
   Superfamily Ichneumonoidea
      Family Braconidae
      Family Ichnemonidae  (Ichneumoninae)

Suborder Symphyta
   Supefamily Tenthredinoidea
      Family Cimbicidae – Sawfly
      Family Tenthredinidae – Sawfly
   Superfamily Xiphrydioodea
      Family Xiphydriidae – Woodwasp


Note : Instead of the single Family Apidae for Bees, the classification in the ‘Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland‘ by Steven Falk has been followed, which has the classification for Bees as Families of Apidae, Colletidae, Andrenidae, Halictidae, Metittidae and Megachilidae.