In an effort to help ease the boredom of a life lived largely indoors, we thought we would put together some suggestions of Natural History related activities you might like to take a look at in order to pass the time. 

Do you have a bunch of records in field notebooks, record cards or bits of paper you have been meaning to sort out but never got round to?  Now would be the perfect time to compile these records and send them in to us (Louise).

Many organisations and individuals are providing online resources to help both adults and children stay connected with nature.  If you find any interesting online resources, please let us know so we can share with others.

Here are a few of them:

Linnean Society YouTube Channel (various natural history lectures)
Eco Sapiens YouTube Channel (see if you can find some familiar faces!)
QGIS for Ecologists YouTube Tutorials
The Buzz Club – The science behind wildlife gardening
A Virtual visit to the Natural History Museum London (Google streetview)
Mammalweb – act as a “Spotter”, helping to identify animals in the images taken by camera traps

With thanks to the North & East Yorkshire ecological data centre for the above.
North & East Yorkshire Ecological Data Centre is an operating function of Yorkshire & the Humber Ecological Data Trust. Registered charity number: 1075999

Would someone like to take on responsibility for a new project? See the suggestion below.

A new project could be looking at identifying and mapping Key Sites for waxcap fungi, with a view to not only targeting these site for future recording, but checking them against registers of high quality habitats such as Statutory Sites, Local Wildlife Sites and Priority Habitat Inventories.  If you know of any sites in our area where you have spotted waxcap fungi then please get in touch.  You don’t need to have identified the fungi to species and it would be great to collate this information whilst we are confined to quarters.