Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer Monday 2 May 1932


Yorkshire Naturalists’ Union

When members of the Yorkshire Naturalists’ Union visited the Doncaster district on Saturday it was stated that the Union had not been there since 1901.

Their object was to investigate, along with members of the Doncaster Scientific Society, the Don Gorge, which lies between Doncaster and Conisborough, and parts of Conisborough. Mr. J. Dufty (Doncaster) led the morning party which began their tour at Conisborough, and Mr. Livesey (Doncaster) the afternoon party, which began from Sprotborough. Mr. J. Grainger, of Leeds, the local secretary, was amongst those present, and during the afternoon the two parties met.

The members found the district typical of the limestone area, the geologists finding much of interest in their examination of the permian magnesian limestone. It was discussed point as to whether the Don Gorge was of glacier origin or otherwise.

Vegetation was reported to be well advanced while one party found much of interest in the swamps on either side of the River Don. Upon them were cootes, water hens, and mallards, and migratory birds were numerous.

During the afternoon the members were conducted over the lime works and quarries of the Yorkshire Amalgamated Products Company.