I am pleased to welcome new members Paul and Ann Davis.

Paul is the treasurer of Butterfly Conservation (Yorks) and the society has offered to loan a moth trap to one member who is interested in recording moths this year. All they ask is that you put the trap out on average once a week during the year and send your records in at the end of the mothing season. This is weather dependent of course but last year I ran my trap frap from mid-March to mid-October. There is the possibility of purchasing the trap at the end of the year.

You will also be given guidance on moth identification and so on. Quite a few NATS members are moth trappers and are happy to help with identification. If you are interested please contact Paul at anngeluk@gmail.com. I don’t know any more than this so if you have any questions please contact Paul. 

Best wishes

Margaret Prior, General Secretary

  1. Originally I am not sure if I gave you the wrong impression that there was only one trap available , we were looking at 6 to begin the scheme .

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