Tom Higginbottom and Catherine Palmer volunteer in the gardens and have offered to take members in for free. Numbers are limited so please let Tom know that you are going and if you’ve already told him that you’d like to go please confirm  after reading the arrangements below.

Message from Tom:

Are you still aiming to visit the gardens on Wednesday 12th June. Meeting by Visitors’ Centre about 10.30 am?

Just been volunteering there (today Thursday 6th June)  seen quite a few Bee Orchids. Met also two experts from Plant Life who have been doing a survey of the Beech Lawn, a wild area.

I am aiming for a relaxing day. I wonder if the following plan may appeal.

Coffee in the café after we meet. A stroll around part of the garden. Meet for a guided walk about 11.30 am which will be interesting.  Lunch  in the café after the guided walk, I have a 25 per cent discount card. Then explore for as long as you like.

You don’t have to follow my plan if you would prefer to wander and explore.

Look forward to seeing you,



Margaret Prior

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