The next meeting is this coming Tuesday to Finningley churchyard. Here is a message from Tricia Haigh with more information about the meeting:

‘As part of Caring for God’s Acre ‘Love your Burial Ground: Churches Count on Nature Week’ there will be a Bio-blitz in Finningley Churchyard (SK669991, postcode DN9 3DA) on Tuesday 7th June starting at 2.00pm.  

Just a reminder that although it may be warm please dress appropriately to avoid bites, stings, scratches, etc from plants or wildlife and be aware that the churchyard is very uneven with prominent roots obstructing pathways in places.  There are gravestones in meadow areas that cannot be seen so please as far as possible observe from pathways and when entering the meadows proceed carefully to avoid injury.

The church can be opened for use of the facilities.

Lastly if you are able to bring any equipment that would be useful for catching or identifying any insects we find please bring it with you.

I spotted 5 or 6 bugs and beetles close to the path in a short space of time the other day when I called in at the churchyard so hopefully it will be a productive afternoon .

I look forward to seeing you there.’

Best wishes

Margaret Prior

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