Sheffield Dailey Telegraph Friday 6 June 1913


The members of the Doncaster Scientific Society held their first excursion of the season yesterday, and visited Hooton Pagnell, the hall and gardens being kindly thrown open to their inspection by Mrs. Warde-Aldam.

A large party proceeded by train to Hampole Station and walked by the field paths to Hooton Pagnell, many interesting botanical specimens being gathered on the way. On arriving at the hall the herbaceous gardens and fernery were inspected.

Tea was provided on the lawn Mrs. Warde-Aldam, and when the storm drove the party to shelter in the hall, they spent some time in inspecting the numerous antiquarian objects collected by Mrs. Warde-Aldam, who is an enthusiastic collector. The weather cleared up in time to allow the party to enjoy pleasant walk to the station.

Mr. Bernard Wilson, in the absence of Mrs. Warde-Aldam, received the visitors and acted as cicerone.