Sheffield Daily Telegraph Thursday 25 April 1912


Mr. M. H. Stiles presided last night at the annual meeting the Doncaster Scientific Society. Dr. Corbett reported that the membership numbered 152. Mr. G. W. Golledge was elected president, and Dr. Corbett hon, secretary, with Mrs. Corbett as assistant secretary. It was stated that the society had only had four secretaries in the last 30 or 40 years. The financial statement showed a balance of £4 3s 7d.

Sheffield Daily Telegraph Friday 1 March 1912


A conversazione promoted by the Doncaster Scientific Society, attracted a large company to the Mansion House, last night, when there was a fine exhibition of many objects of interest to the scientist.
Special attention was directed to a collection of recent “finds” of Roman, Saxon, and medieval pottery during excavations in High Street, and to a show of works of art from Ceylon.
Mr. W. Bunting, manager of the Edlington Colliery, exhibited the latest type of safety lamp used in the mine, and in the drawing room Mr. Harry C. Chambers gave explanations of the working of the Draegar life-saving apparatus and the pulmotor.

Sheffield Daily Telegraph Tuesday 24 December 1912


Mr. H. Culpin, of Doncaster, the chief locomotive accountant of the Great Northern Railway Company, died with tragic suddenness yesterday. Mr. Culpin resided at 7, St. Mary’s Road, Wheatley, and walked down to the Great Northern offices at the Plant Works about nine o’clock. When he got to the top of the stairs, and was entering the office, became faint, and shortly afterwards was found dead, with his head on the desk.

The deceased had resided in Doncaster for fully twenty years. He was an active member of the Doncaster Scientific Society, of which he had been a member during the whole his residence in the town, and he held the position of president fourteen years ago. He had rendered valuable service in the investigation of geology in the district, especially in connection with the development of coal-mining, and was looked upon as a reliable authority. When the British’ Association visited Sheffield two years ago he had the honour of being selected to contribute a paper on the geology of South Yorkshire, and it was an interesting and valuable contribution.

He held the position of hon. treasurer to the Yorkshire Naturalists’ Union, and his professional training served him in good stead in such an office. He was an exact man, punctilious to a degree in the discharge of his duties, and he was reliable and trustworthy in every department of his work. He will be greatly missed in scientific circles, where was held in the highest esteem.

The deceased was originally in the stores depot of the railway at Peterborough, and came to Doncaster 26 years ago, being chief clerk under Mr. Martin and Mr. Weeks respectively. On the death of Mr. J. W. Matthewman he was appointed chief accountant.

The deceased was a Freemason and a member of St. George’s Lodge, 242. He also interested himself in the local Amateur Parliament, frequently engaging in the debates, and though he sat on the Liberal benches his speeches were always marked by a moderation of spirit which commended itself both sides.
He married a German lady, and had two sons, one of whom recently secured scholarship the Grammar School.

The deceased was 51 years age.