Sheffield Daily Telegraph Thursday 28 February 1907

Last night, meeting of the Doncaster Scientific Society, Mr. Rayner, manager of the Corporation Electricity Works, gave a lecture, entitled “From rushlight to the arc lamp.”

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Thursday 25 April 1907


The annual meeting of the Doncaster Scientific Society was held last night, when an interesting report was presented by Dr. Corbett.

Mr. R. Watson, the president, presided, and on his proposition the report was adopted. Mr. G. Grace, B.Sc., was elected president, Messrs. R. Watson and M. H. Stiles were elected vice-presidents, and Messrs. G. W. Phillips, A. Jordan, O. Kirby, and T. Cuttriss were placed on the committee. Dr. H. H. Corbett was re-appointed hon. secretary and treasurer, with Mrs. Corbett as assistant secretary.

Sheffield Evening Telegraph Thursday 7 November 1907


In a paper on “Early Methods of Coal (retting,” read to the members of the Doncaster Scientific Society, Mr. Bunting, who has had charge of the sinking operations at the new colliery at Brodsworth, made some interesting local references, and said that Doncaster would be 20 years hence what Barnsley was to-day in an industrial sense. Collieries in the Doncaster coal field would be fewer than they are in the Barnsley district, but they would make up in their dimensions what they lacked in numbers. Each of the new pits in the Doncaster district would equal half-a-dozen of the pits in the Barnsley district in point of size. It was a necessity of modern conditions that colliery undertakings should be conducted on large scale.