Sheffield Daily Telegraph Friday 11 March 1904


Last night the members the Doncaster Scientific Society held one of their most successful exhibitions in the Mansion House, kindly lent by the Mayor (Mr. J. T. Spencer). There was a large company, and the various exhibits were displayed in the dining-room, the objects shown being lent by members and friends, in addition to the collection belonging to the society.

In the botanical section were fresh-gathered wild flowers from the neighbourhood, and the geological section included maps and sections of the district, fossils, and other specimens from the upper and lower magnesian limestone, Balby boulder clay, etc. Under the microscope were living objects, microscopes having been lent by Mr. Stiles, Mr. Winter, Mr. Bisat, Mr. Golledge, Mr. Greenslade, Mr. Jordan, etc. Photographs were exhibited by Mr. Stiles, Mr. E. Gledhill, Mr. H. Percy, Mr. Girdlestone, etc. Dr. Corbett had an interesting collection in the zoological department, and in the drawing-room Mr. Cuttriss exhibited specimens of active radium to delighted the audiences, and also specimens of willemite, pitch blend, etc., as well as the wonders of the X-rays. During the evening Mr. S. L. Mosley, F.E.S., of Huddersfield, gave an instructive lecture in the ball-room on “Bark beetles and their habits.”

Refreshments were afterwards supplied in the saloon.