Minutes of the AGM of Doncaster Naturalists’ Society, Potteric Carr January 18th 2020

Members present: 13

1.Apologies: S. Hill, T.Higginbottom, C.Adamson, C.Palmer, M.Prior, J.Prior, P.Seccombe, M.Seccombe, J.Scott, L.Coe and M.Whitta

2. Minutes of the last meeting : Approved

3. Matters Arising: Movement of archives from the museum was suggested
Venue for Indoor Meetings: Although Parklands has no lift no other venue was suitable so meetings will continue to be at Parklands for the time being.
Use of the museum: C.Howes raised concerns about future storage of materials which are in his old office, Doncaster Nats archives and Dorothy Bramley’s paintings.

4. Officers Reports:
President’s Report from Louise Hill – See separate document for Presidents’s notes. (See below)

Secretary’s Report read by Nora Boyle on behalf of Margaret Prior
Apologies for not attending the AGM.
I have continued with my role of secretary by sending out reminders about upcoming meetings and dealing with enquiries usually from new members. I have had no correspondence other than emails to deal with. I have also disseminated information about other issues that may have been of interest to members. I still have a number of YNU publications that members can borrow; I have given one to Louise to take along to the meeting.
I have liaised with Les Coe about the new website which I think is a great. I have also attended most of the meetings and along with Nora we devised the quiz for the Christmas Social.
I am willing to carry on being secretary.

Treasurer’s Report from Nora Boyle
Expenditure: £411.68
Income: £405
Difference between Expenditure and Income £6.38
Total Funds: £3345.96
Subs: Remain at £7
Subs can be paid by Bank Transfer into Account number 65588745, Sort Code 08-92-99.
Financial Statement approved by L. Hill and seconded by G.Carreck
Assets and their value need to be revised.
Bank signatories need to be updated since Pip Seccombe retired. Margaret Prior to take her place as one of the three signatories.
15 Copies of Doncaster Naturalist remain for sale at forthcoming meetings or venues.

Recorder’s Report by Louise Hill
Louise has been acting as recorder for the society in recent months following Pip Seccombe’s necessity to reduce her involvement. Pip indicated before the AGM that she wished to stand down as Recorder. She will continue her membership. A gift in recognition of her long service will be arranged.
Detailed records of field meetings have been sent to Bob Marsh Biological Records Officer.
Colin Howes pointed out that field records by individuals need to be comprehensive in terms of location and species name.

Program Secretary’s Report
Joyce Simmons gave her apologies for her absence at the meeting but asked the members for suggestions for the Summer Program so that the program could be ready by mid March. She requested that each outing should have a designated leader and details of sites made available when suggestions were made.

Conservation Officer’s Report
No report from Maurice Whitta who gave his apologies for his absence.

Newsletter./ Website Nora Boyle discussed possibilities for the Newsletter. Louise Hill reminded us of the content of Newsletters produced in the past by Pip Seccombe as one suggestion. Content for website to be sent to Les Coe from Nora Boyle and Margaret Prior.

Election of Officers
Louise Hill stepped down as President after over 12 years in the post.
Nora Boyle was nominated and elected President.
Pip Seccombe stepped down as Recorder.
Louise Hill was nominated and elected Recorder.
The other officers were re- elected en mass.
Resolutions: None

7.A. Summer Programme – suggestions
The membership were asked if there was anything in particular they wanted regarding the Summer Programme. Several members indicated they would like a visit which included bird watching. Several said they would like some shorter visits as opposed to an all day meeting. Suggestions were Old Moor, St Aidens’, Fairburn Ings, Thorpe Marsh, North Cave, Finningley Churchyard, Austerfield, Fen Carr, Thorne Moors, Pit tips,Barrow Hills, Pot Rings Wood, Carr Lodge and the River Torne at Rossington.

B. Winter Programme
The recent flooding using Louise Hill’s footage and /or possibly the Flood Warden at Fishlake

8. AOB
Pip Seccombe
The membership agreed that Pip Seccombe become an Honorary Life Member and that she should be given a gift in recognition of her work for the Society.
Dorothy Bramley’s Paintings
The paintings may well need to be relocated in the near future.
The previous suggestion that we might offer a loan service was ruled out because it would be too complicated.
An alternative suggestion was to offer them for sale initially to members then the open market. The matter of prices would need consideration. The web site could be used to advertise them. No final decision was made.
Doncaster Nature Alliance
Warren Draper is producing a booklet called Wild Times which will accompany the first public event on 3.03.20 at Doncaster College. Articles related to Biodiversity and Climate change are requested. Louise Hill has submitted a short description of the work of Doncaster Naturalists.
Gill Johnson informed us that the xp school near the Keep Moat Stadium wishes to make contact with the Society. The intention is to look into how we might interact.
The meeting closed at 11.55am.

Presidents Report AGM 2020


Doncaster Museum – Natural History Archive, Collections and Enquiries
• Cataloguing at the Natural History Archive – – has been unable to continue due to restricted access and lack of time!
• Still have no formal memorandum. Contact was made in Nov with Anne Marie Knowles.
• Dorothy Bramley’s Paintings – intended to be available for long-term loan to members but there has been no progress. Perhaps we offer then to sale to members. Need to create brochure using Ken’s photographs.

Links with other groups
• South Yorkshire Bat Group Rob bell gave talk. Hibernation Surveys Sun Feb 16th 10.00am Archer’s Way).
• South Yorkshire Botany Group & Bradford Botany Group joint outings (Elsecar and Leven Canal).
• YNU Field Excursions: VC 63 Sprotbrough
• Three Hagges Wood-meadow – guided visit

Special Sites/Projects
• Lindholme Old Moor & Hatfield Moors – Mothing visits and still well represented on Management Group.
• Shirley Pool – with YNU Botany and Ento. Sections.
• RSPB new Reserve at Adwick Washlands

Regular Outings
• Dawn Chorus – Sandall Beat – dedicated few!
• Thorpe Marsh GCN surveys – egg search and torch survey.
• Thorpe Marsh Purple Hairstreak count.
• Harvest Mouse Hunts – wash-out!
• New Year Walk (Fairburn Ings).
• Birch-bashing at Lindholme Island Oct, Nov and Dec

Training the next generation
Where are they?

Venturing further a-field
• Fairburn Ings.
• Bempton Cliffs

Future Programme
• Fen Carr?
• Doncaster’s HuMPs & PimpLES Colliery Sites
• Suggestions please – not just botany.

Promoting the Society
• Lindholme Fete – (June) Display Board and hand’s-on display and activities. Guided walks. Very warm. Short walks.
• YNU Conference attended by several members (no Nats displays).

Representations made at various outside meetings:
• LAH – Doncaster Biological Records Centre Steering Group and Local Sites Partnership (April) Annual report available.
• LAH – Doncaster Nature Alliance (Climate Change and Biodiversity)
• LAH – Keeping in contact with CCT – owners of Shirley Pool and Inkle Moor.
• LAH attended several Potteric Carr Monitoring Group Meetings (Personal capacity and Representing Nats).

The Doncaster Naturalist – Papers for the next edition required.

Very many thanks to Les Coe for taking on the job of creating and maintaining the fantastic Nats website.

Many thanks to Nora for preparing the Society’s newsletters and forwarded reports to the website.

Winter Programme – All meeting now at Parklands due to Museum closure / winding down. Meeting venue in new building unlikely.

Equipment – Remember we have it – use it!

Louise Hill 18th Jan 2020

A Public Meeting – Tuesday, 3rd March 2020

Please be aware of the forthcoming public event by Doncaster Nature Alliance entitled ‘Your Wilder Doncaster
The Nats will have a stall and Louise Hill is making a contribution with a 5 minute talk. Should be an interesting evening. The event is free but the organisers need to know how many people will attend so you will need a ‘ticket’. You can book through this link where you will also find more information:

The event is to be held on Tuesday evening 3rd March 2020 from 5.30pm – 8.30pm (speakers from 6.00pm) at the Doncaster College drama studio and restaurant area. Entry is free but first obtain a ticket from https://tinyurl.com/vrjh6ax

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