Nature’s Calendar

Following on from the initiative by the Woodland Trust we would like to known what effect has recent weather had on wildlife in the Doncaster area. Can the effects of climate change be seen in how nature responds? From leaf buds bursting to blackberries ripening, let us/them know what’s happening near you.

Judith Garford (Citizen Science Officer) for Nature’s Calendar has provided the following advice.
I’ve been thinking about how you can feed back to your society about records in your area. You can see all records on our live maps and zoom into the Doncaster area as I have below (for snowdrop first flowering this spring). You can see there is one record in Doncaster (the green dot), so your society’s input would definitely make a difference in this area.

If you want a spreadsheet of the data that your society’s members input each season, I could provide that to you (I would have to remove names before giving you the data so that it is anonymous). The way to do this would be when your members register on the website they will be asked ‘How did you hear about Nature’s Calendar’. If they choose the ‘Other’ option from the drop down list they can then type in ‘Doncaster Natural History Society’. I could provide you with the records of anyone that registers in that way. It’s something we do for a few projects.

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