30 June 2022 – A return to Budby Common.
I had a couple of hours on Budby Common looking for birds to photograph. I found a family of stonechats with a pair of tree pipets feeding young on the nest nearby. Not wishing to disturb the tree pipets, I wandered off and found an obliging woodlark which allowed my to get close enough for a decent photo.

26 June 2022 – An outing with SK58 Birders
A walk around Budby Common saw several stonechats perched on heather, tree pipits displaying, a wood lark singing (but not seen), a hobby patrolling the skies over the common, a yellowhammer on a fence post, with a red kite flying over the houses at Budby at the end of the visit. Next, on to the raptor watchpoint at Welbeck lake to watch more kites, a pair of goshawks patrolling the skies, and an osprey flying along the lake, but not making any catches from the lake. There were experts birders present, with their scopes, to provide conformation of the sightings.

21 June 2022 – Adwick Washlands
It is getting quiet now, as birds are tied to their nests or minding chicks, Did manage to photo a Sedge Warbler using a mixed bramble and rose bush as a singing post.

16 June 2022 – Anston Stones Wood
Watched a GS Woodpecker chick at a nest hole in an Ash tree calling, and parent bird visiting with food.

15 June 2022 – YWLT Potteric Carr
Black-winged Stilt (2), Kingfisher, Bittern (2), Hobby(1) were the more notable birds, plus Roe Deer and a fox.

12 June 2022 – RSPB Budby
Tree Pipits (4) and Roe Deer (2)

12 June 2022 (pm) – RSPB Adwick Washlands
Avocet (8), Reed Warbler (1)

13 May 2022 – Idle Valley NWT NR, Neathome Lane. Turtle Dove (1), Garden Warbler (10), Cetti’s Warbler (1), Greater Whitethroat (1), Egyptian Goose (2), Avocet (2), Dunlin (16), Little-ring Plover (2), Common Tern (8), Little Egret (1), Swift (10)

12 May 2022 – Adwick Washlands. Tawney Owl (1), Little Owl (1), Long-eared Owl (1), Swift (10), Swallow (2), Sand Martin (3), House Martin (10), Common Gull (2), Avocet (26), Whooper Swan (1), Dunlin (6).

10 May 2022 – Potteric Carr. A very quiet day, enlivened only by Marsh Harrier (2)

9 May 2022 – Langold Lake. A walk from Letwell to Langold Lake, continuing over the Pit Tip to enjoy the amazing 360 deg views. Swallow (2), Swift (1), Buzard (4), Greater Whitethroat (2). Lots of Greylag and Canada chicks around the lake.

8 May 2022 – Idle Valley NWT NR, Neatholme Lane. Cetti’s Warbler (1), Swift (1), Egyptian Geese (2 pair each with 5 and 3 chicks respectively), Cuckoo (1), Little-ring Plover (3), Common Terns (8) [an Arctic Tern has been reported amongst this group], Avocet (2, one sitting on nest).

7 May 2022 – Sherwood Forest. A walk in the southern area of the forest towards Warsop, 8 miles covered, Cuckoo (1)

6 May 2022 – Idle Valley NWT NR, Neatholme Lane. Hobby (5), Lesser-spotted Woodpecker (1), Swallow (1), Cuckoo (1), Lesser Whitethroat (1), Greater Whitethroat (1), Wigeon (2), Common Tern (9)

5 May 2022 – Adwick Washlands. Pink-foot (2), Avocet (22), Black-tailed Godwit (1), Swallow (1), Sand Martin (2), Cetti’s (2), Lesser Whitethroat (1), Greater Whitethroat (2), Sedge Warbler (4), Reed Warbler (1).

3 May 2022 – Chesterfield Canal, Cuckoo Way. Tree-creeper (1), Grey Wagtail (1), Swallow (6).

2 May 2022 – Sherwood Forest. Tawney Owl (1), Nuthatch (3), Great Spotted Woodpecker (6), Green Woodpecker (1).

30 April 2022 – Idle Valley NWT NR – Neatholme Fen and Scrape
Garden Warbler (2), Turtle Dove (1), Common Tern (5), Little-ring Plover (4), Avocet (2).

29 April 2022 – Idle Valley NWT NR. Neatholme Fen
Cuckoo (1), Wigeon (2), Egyptian Geese (7), Red-crested Pochard (2), Avocet (2), Common Tern (2).

27 April 2022 – Padley Gorge
A trip into Derbyshire for a change of habitat, Dipper (1), Pied Flycatcher (2), Grey Wagtail (1), Curlew (1), Mandarin Duck (2), Tee Pipit (1), Cuckoo (1).

26 April 2022 – Adwick Washlands RSPB Reserve
Another visit to this popular reserve still has many Avocet (30), Garganey (1), Little Ring Plover (1), Common Sandpiper (1), Kingfisher (1), Sedge Warbler (1), Reed Warbler (1), Swallow (3), Sand Martin (7). Whitethroat (2) a Whooper Swan (1) and finally managed to watch the Little Owl (1).

25 April 2022 – Potteric Carr
Highlight was watching a Bittern fly into the reeds near to the West Scrape hide, followed by a half hour where the bird could still be seen within the reeds, and finally having it fly out and across the hide.

24 April 2022 – Idle Valley NWT NR, Neatholme Fen
Cuckoo (1), Green Sandpiper (1), Greenshank (1), Redshank (6), Avocet (2), Swallow (4), Common Tern (1), Whitethroat (1).

21 April 2022 – Budby Common
An enjoyable day shared with one other birdwatcher (and a naked naturist!). Kestrel (1), Tree Pipit (1), Wood Lark (2), Stonechat (5), Linnet (7), Yellowhammer (1), Green Woodpecker (3).

17 April 2022- Adwick Washlands RSPB NR
A follow-up to our recent meeting there. New sightings include cetties warbler (2), yellow wagtail (2), whitethroat (1) and black-tailed godwits were ten in number.

16 April 2022 – Swinston Hill Wood, Dinnington
A pair of bullfinch enlivened the walk.

15 April 2022 – Sherwood Forest
Heard the first cuckoo of the year coming from the direction of Budby Common.

13 April 2022 – Langold Lake
A round walk from Letwell to Langold Lake this morning. Green Woodpecker calling, Coal, Blue and Great Tits and lots of geese on lake searching for walkers to provide them with breakfast.

11 April 2022 – Car Lodge YWT NR
A Cattle Egret feeding amongst a herd of conservation cattle in Carr Lodge field, YWT reserve, Doncaster. I watched the Egret feeding amongst the cattle for an hour as the herd slowly moved away across the field to new feeding areas. Occasionally, the egret was joined by a Grey Heron.

9 April 2022 – Idle Valley NWT NR
Highlights being Mediterranean Gells calling whilst flying over (2), Bramblings (2), Green Sandpiper (1), Goldeneye (6), Stonechat calling but not seen amongst bramble thicket (2)

5 April 2022 – Potteric Carr YWT NR
Cetti’s Warbler visible amongst vegetation in front of Hawthorne Bank Hide. A Marsh / Willow Tit feeding high up in Willow trees and a Marsh harrier at Piper Marsh. Two siskins at Old Eaa.

3 April 2022 – Rother Valley CP
A walk around the lakes from Beighton, Wigeon (38)

2 April 2022 – Idle Valley NWT NR
A pair of Egyptian Geese with 7 goslings, Over 200 Shoveller on Neatholme Fen, 

29 March 2022- Potteric Carr YWT NR
Garganey (1), Little Egret (9), 

27 March 2022 – Adwick Washlands RSPB NR
A Nats visit (see reports), the highlights being a Ruff (1), Black-tailed Godwit (1), Avocett (17), Little Egret (1), Ringed Plover (1).

26 March 2022 – Idle Valley NWT NR
Spent a few hours along Neatholme Lane, Lound birdwatching. Goldeneye (6), Smew (2f) that had over wintered there, Little Egret (6), 

23 March 2022 – Potteric Carr YWT NR
Spent a day in several hides viewing amongst others Marsh Harries (3), Peregrine (2), Little Egret (5) and Roe Deer (4).

16 March 2022 – Chiff-chaff
Heard and saw first Chiff-chaff of this season by the brook near Turners Field, North Anston.
Also watched a pair of magpies starting to building a nest at the bottom of the garden. They were attempting to weave a twig which must have been 3ft long into the topmost branched. It will be interesting to watch if they continue with their nestbuilding.

15 March 2022 – Potteric Carr YWT NR
Spent 6 hours and walked 5.1 miles. Visited 8 hides, bumping into Colin & Nora at the final hide. Recorded 36 species, the highlight for me was watching a pair of siskins feeding on Alder cones. The hides also had resident spiders.

14 March 2022 – North Anston Pit Tip (NAPT) which includes a local nature reserve managed by SK25 Birders who have a bird hide on site.
Spent 2 hours and walked 4 miles. 16 species recorded, the highlights watching lapwings displaying and a close encounter with a buzzard bathing. Never before noticed the yellow patch above the dark bill, probably a juvenile buzzard.

13 March 2022 – Walk includes Swinston Hill Wood and Anston Stones Wood
Spent 3 hours and walked 6.5 miles. Flocks of thrushes stop feeding and leave the hedgerows as I approach whilst making my way across the fields. In ASW great spotted woodpeckers can be heard drumming and green woodpecker yaffling from the direction of Little Stones. Nuthatch feeding from moss covered tree trunk which has toppled to fall across the brook, one such of many fallen trees in the wood. Ransoms are now showing well but none yet in flower. Walking along Brook Walk in Anston, the smell of blossom from Cherry-plum is very strong. Minnows (?) can be seen in the outflow from the town well but quickly hide below the wall under which the stream passes on its way, through the water cress, to the river Ryton.

9 March 2022 – Potteric Carr
Spent 6 hours and walked 5 miles whilst visiting 8 of the 13 hides. Amongst the birds recorded were Red Kite flying over the reserve, Marsh Harrier, Little Egret, Snipe and Goldcrest. Two Roe Deer were disturbed at the Willow Bank Hide and also saw there my first Brimstone of this season. In this area also saw Scarlet Elfcup (Sarcoscypha austriaca) and Deer Shield (Pluteus cervinus).

6 March 2022 – Cuckoo Way
A 5 mile walk from Lindrick along the Cuckoo Way to Turner Wood, returning via Brancliffe Grange.
My first sighting of Viola Ordorata for this year.

16 Feb 2022 – Lindrick Golf Course
Found Calliphora vomitoria (Blue Bottles) sunbathing in the quarry, They like this spot having been here since I first saw them on 27th January.

10 Feb 2022 – Dinnington Community Woodland
Found two specimen of an unusual (for me) Cornus sp. in a hedgerow bordering a drainage ditch in an area locally known as North Anston Pit Tip (NAPT), an old colliery waste heap.
Will be waiting for them to develop leaves, etc. to try for an ID.

Comment from Ian McDonald
I was reading your blog on the Nats site and noticed the Cornus you had found. I wonder if it is C. Alba Sibirica? This species has become naturalised and is more robust than the native species. There used to be a lot of it along the A19, North of Toll Bar, Bentley. On the left hand side of the road next to the railway bridge was a tip and the Cornus was growing next to it.

1 Feb 2022 – Dinnington & North Anston
A wind-blown small branch was found in Greenlands Park, North Anston had an Oak Mazegill upon it.
Swinston Hill Wood, Dinnington has about a dozen White Poplar trees with bark that is quite distinctive.

31 Jan 2022 – North Anston
I found a single plant of the Rare Lords-and-Ladies in 2018, but today I counted over a dozen plants so they are now well established.

29 Jan 2022 – Barrow Hills
Despite an attempt to eradicate the colony of Stinking Hellebore, they have bounced back and are spreading over a much wider area than previously.

27 Jan 2022 – My garden
I found the first male frog in the garden, but none yet in the pond.
Also photographed a sunbathing Blue Bottle in a quarry on Lindrick golf course.

26 Jan 2022 – Lindrick golf course
I was attracted to a shrub which was showing evergreen leaves amongst other trees and bushes at the side of a path. I thought it might be Leycesteria formosa, which Louise was able to confirm from my photos. Geoffrey Wilmore, in his book Alien Plants of Yorkshire, describes it as a rare garden escape which originates from the Himalayas. He gives only one example for V63, Joan Croft Junction, Owston, 1974. However, Louise informed me that another example was found when we had a New Year Plant Hunt (BSBI) in 2019 along the Old Mineral line, Dinnington. This earlier example had fruit, but normally flowers June to September, so one to keep a look out for when flowering later this year.

I also noted an early flowering Mercurialis perennis (Dog’s Mercury).