Denaby Ings – 31st July 2021

Leaders : Colin Howes
Members Present : Colin Howes, Louise Hill, Nora Boyle, Joyce Simmons, Paul Simmons, John Scott, Jim Burnett, Les Coe
Meet : Meet at 10am in reserve car park

Sprotbrough Walk – 14th July 2021

Leaders : Colin Howes
Members Present : 
Meet : Meet at 2pm at the Sprotbrough Boat Car Park on Nursery Lane (SE537015).

Potteric Carr Plant Walk – 4th July 2021

Leaders : Geoff Carreck
Members Present : 6 members + 2 guests
Meet : Meet in the reserve car park at 2pm.  SE588006

Geoff Carreck led the plant walk and 5 other members of the Society attended, and there were two other participants referred from the Potteric Bioblitz event the day before.
It was unfortunate that the two were not synchronised. More non-members could have attended, and perhaps persuaded to join the Society.

Geoff took us to the Loversall Field Ponds, where there were brookweed, common spike rush, marsh bedstraw and false fox sedge. We then looked in the Dipping Ponds (fen pondweed; blunt-flowered rush). Thence to the Delph, where there was an exceptional display of water soldier. For the first time, water violets were flowering there, and we also saw greater spearwort and water horsetail.

We then walked up Loversall Bank, where we saw yellow rattle , a few common spotted orchids and hairy St. John’s-wort. Meadow cranesbill was noted by the Mother Drain. Crossing Black Carr Field, heath bedstraw and tufted hair-grass were observed. We walked up to Rossington Bank, where we found common cudweed, bladder campion and reed canary-grass. A scramble into East Scrape produced lesser water-plantain.

The weather was changeable, but we were fortunate that a heavy shower coincided with our passing under a bridge!