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Louise Hill
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A group of eighteen 'bat hunters' from East, and South Yorkshire Bat Groups and the Doncaster Nats gathered at 10.30am at Cadeby Disused Railway Tunnel, Don Gorge.

It was a  lovely sunny  day so we thought we'd go and crawl in some muddy dark holes underground!

The old railway tunnel was quite productive for bats.  Starting at the western Conisbrough end and walking towards Cadeby Quarry, we recorded:
1 brown long-eared bat in a crevice between the second and third alcoves on the right-hand side (RHS)  (less than 1 metre from the floor).
1 Natterer's bat in the back of the 2nd alcove on the left-hand side (LHS).
1 Natterer's bat in a high crevice 4 metres past the 2nd alcove (LHS)
1 Natterer's bat in the back of the 3rd alcove (LHS)

Other wildlife included:

3 hibernating Tortoiseshell butterflies and 3 Cave spiders (plus egg cocoon) in the 1st  alcove (RHS)
1 Herald moth and 4 Cave spiders in the 2nd alcove (RHS)
Herald moth on roof of tunnel
Tortoiseshell butterfly on roof of tunnel
1 Herald moth and 3 Cave spiders in 3rd alcove (RHS)

1 Herald moth in 1st alcove (LHS)
1 Herald moth in 2nd alcove (LHS)
1 wasp in crevice near Cadeby Quarry end (LHS)

We then moved on westwards along Cadeby Rattles.

A small 'splinter' group scrambled up the northern embankment to Cadeby Rattles Rift (pot hole).

Two members of the group entered the rift and found a brown long-eared bat under an overhanging rock within 2 metres of the entrance.  It was good to have  confirmation of the presence of hibernating bats for the first time in this rift (previously only droppings have been found).  The rift was not fully explored as we thought that it probably needed more caving kit than anyone had to hand!

Meanwhile the remainder of the group continued along Cadeby Rattles and up a sloping path to a fairly large cave within the small disused quarry.  Unlike last year, no bats were found but there were at least 12 Herald moths, 38 Cave spiders and 1 Brown-lipped banded snail.

After lunch we moved to search the old quarry tunnels under the railway embankment the southern side of the Don, starting at Levitt Hagg Landfill site.

1st Tunnel (far end filled with limestone spoil)
1 Daubenton's bat
1 Cave spider
5 Herald moth

2nd Tunnel (far end filled with limestone spoil)
1 Natterer's
1 Cave spider
1 Herald moth
1 Dronefly/bee
Hundreds of Mosquitoes

3rd Tunnel (far end filled with limestone spoil)
8 Herald moths
1 snail
1 Black slug
up to 4 Dronefly/wasp?
Good scatter of large bat droppings on floor at back of tunnel

4th Tunnel (far end bricked-up)
4 Herald moths
Bat droppings on corrugated iron on tunnel floor

5th Tunnel (Fenced off and open at far end)
Not inspected

6th Tunnel (short and far end filled with limestone spoil)
1 Cave spider
1 snail

7th Tunnel (far end filled with limestone spoil - walls well-pointed)
5 Cave spiders and 2 egg cocoons.

We then returned to the riverside path and walked back to the hairpin bends at Sprotbrough past the two old lime kilns both of which had 1 Cave spider with egg cocoon but there were no bats.

A good day. Many thanks to all who came along, especially Tony Lane and the East Yorks Bat Group.

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